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Jorge Aquista

  Teatro Tango®
movement & expression theatre with Jorge Aquista
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teacher & director of theatre

We start by training perception, movement, breath and sound of the voice.
Creativity, expression and awareness training form the basis of our body theatre.
There will be no conventional acting, we shall be giving form to moods and emotions. Play and expression training will bring participants into a creative attitude. Imagination and personal scope of play will create a space of imagination for playing by yourself and with others. The sensuality and ritual of the tango music will provide the setting for body play and theatre.
We will not be dancing tango in any conventional sense. In theatre dance is not represented by dance. Reality should be suggested but not copied.
We can only confront the forces inherent in tango if we are well grounded, aware of our breathing rhythms and have a sense of ease.
What remains when tango casts off its Hollywood costume, no stars twinkling in the background, leading and being led not defined as masculine and feminine or as domination and submission ?

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